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  • How long will my color last?

    Permanent Color stays in your hair until it grows out or is removed by decolorizing it with lightener. Permanent colors will fade and may require freshening up after about 28 shampoos. Permanent color is primarily used on roots due to its permanency. (Darker colors typically last longer; reds often fade faster due to their molecular structure)
    Semi-Permanent Color lasts about 8-15 Shampoos. Semi-permanent colors are typically used for ends (non roots), for toning highlighted hair or to colorize hair to achieve a specific tone, and to “blur” grey or for any guest wanting to try a new color without a permanent commitment to it. Semi-Permanent colors should be refreshed every 4-6 weeks for continued tonal quality, shine, and health of hair. Semi-permanent color coats the hair strands adding support and shine to the hair.

    Bleaching (aka decolorizing) hair removes color permanently. Toning ($45+) is required following bleach to acquire most desired tones.

    Other Contributing Factors:

    Your hair’s pre-color condition will contribute to the longevity of your color
    Sun exposure will lighten or fade color. Washing hair in hot water can also contribute to fading (we recommend warm water for regular shampooing).
    Heat styling can lighten color, so heat protection styling aides are essential. Improper and low-quality hair products can strip color quickly, therefore we recommend only the finest quality products be used on your hair color investment, like Bumble Eleven Randco.
    Masks, deep conditioning treatments and Olaplex will all increase the longevity and health of your color.

  • Will color damage hair?

    Hair color is a chemical. In order to deposit color into your hair shaft, peroxide is used to deposit color. Hair may feel drier following lightening services and can become brittle and dry if not properly treated before, during, and after your color service. Removing color from hair with bleach has the greatest potential for damage to your hair if not done professionally.

    We are a dedicated Goldwell professional salon and with much pride, ensure the highest quality of color products are used on your hair. Goldwell is a superior color line that uses the latest technology, lower levels of ammonia, and offers both permanent & demi-semi-permanent colors to ensure the optimal health of your hair.

    During your consultation, please be honest and prepared to explain previous hair color, products, and treatment history to ensure the best result. Our top priority is to maintain the integrity of your hair and we will always recommend proper styling aids, moisture care, conditioner, and treatments to protect your hair and hair investment! We DO RESERVE THE RIGHT to deny any color or service requests that we feel may create damage to your hair.

  • Why are their extra charges for my color service?

    We use a color system that measures every gram/ounce of color that we use for service. Now we can customize pricing for every client. If the standard amount of color is used in a service, pricing will not change. However, if you require more color we can now calculate the additional cost of the service.
    Example: if we need to use extra color on your service to achieve your desired results the additional amount will be added to your bill. The great news is that now we can customize not only your color, but the pricing for all of our guests. Our ultimate goal is to reduce product waste and protect the environment.

  • How much will my hair color cost?

    Based on your length, existing color, texture and density (how much hair you have) combined with the products, techniques and services provided to reach your desired end result, we can provide you an estimate up front following a consultation only.
    Please note that price quotes can only be given by a stylist following a consultation – we do not offer telephone quotes due to the highly customized nature of our color services. A consultation will provide you the opportunity to share your inspiration pics with your stylist and to receive the most accurate price quote in advance, as well as allow for any pre-color treatments your hair might require or benefit from.

    Some color services may incur additional fees in addition to pre-quoted fees for required technique or product used if your hair responds unpredictably.

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